An Introduction

The library of the West Bengal Commission for Women is a storehouse of information on current issues concerning women. This library was established in November 1998. A Senior Librarian cum Research Officer and a Junior Librarian are in charge of the library. A library committee headed by the Chairperson of the Commission advises them periodically.
Library has in its holdings a considerable number (approximately 9000) of books, journals, reports, posters, photograph, CDs on women's issues. The books in the library are categorized under the following subjects: Education, Politics, Economics, Culture, Health, Work, Law, Police, Violence against Women, Sexual Harassment, Dowry, Trafficking, Rape, Population Policy, Sexuality, Child Rights, Human Rights and Women's Rights, Women's Movement, Muslim Women, Widows, Women's Empowerment, Media, Tribal Women, Panchayat and Women, Self-employment and Self-help groups, Counselling, and CEDAW.
Eleven daily newspapers are procured by the library and news clippings are maintained under 45 heads. Special emphasis is given on newspaper clippings because on the basis of such clippings the Commission initiates suo motu cases whenever necessary.
The meeting of the library Committee headed by the Chairperson of this Commission is held once a month. The committee members always guide the librarians.

Facilities & Uses

The library of the West Bengal Commission for Women is an integral part of this Commission devoted to promotion of research and documentation in the overall domain of women's development established in November 1998.


The library contains many important documents the number of which crossed 9000. These documents may be dcvided under two broad headings - (i) Purchased documents (ii) Donated documents.
The subjects on which the books are kept in the library are as follows, Education, Politics, Economics, Law, Police, Culture, Health, Violence against Women, Sexual Harrassment, Dowry, Trafficking, Rape, Witch Hunting, Population Policy, Human Right & Women's Rights, Women's Movement, Empowerment, Muslim Women, Media, Widow, Tribal Women, Panchayat, Self-Help Group, CEDAW and so on.


There are many valuable reports of different Govt. & non. Govt. organizations most of which has gifted by Prof. Jasodhara Bagchi. e.g

  • Reports of UNICEF
  • Human Development Report
  • West Bengal Human Development Report 2004
  • Annual Report of W.B. Human Rights Commission Reports of N.C.W.
  • Crime in India
  • Health on the March West Bengal, 2001-02 9 National Family Health Survey.
  • Trafficking in Women & Children, Child marriage and Dowry : a Study for action Plan in West Bengal.
  • Census Reports and so on.

Regularly Published six-monthly reports of this Commission are also preserved in this library.

Newspaper Clippings

The daily newspapers procured by this Commission are thirteen in number. News-Clippings on 61 kinds of different subjects relating to women and children are kept in the library. The Commission conducts suo-motu investigation on the basis of these clippings which they find necessary.


This Commission has prepared three kinds of posters of its own. Besides these different types of posters on women and children are a special attraction of this library.


Photographs of different seminars/workshops organised by W.B.C.W. are kept in this library.

Publication of WBCW & some other Organisations

All the publicatons of this Commision as well as some other organizations arc kept in the library for sale.

Services rendered by the librarians

The two librarians always try their best for rendering best services to the readers not only by supplying information from books or journals but they also supply information from relevent newspaper clippings according to the need of the readers.
Three Survey-based reports have been undertaken by the Commission recently, one against trafficking of Women and Children in West Bengal, the other on the self-Help Group Movement in West Bengal and on safe-motherhood project. The documents including newspaper clippings have been used to a large extent in preparing these projects.
Documentation relating to the publications of the newsletter and six-monthly report of this Commission are done by the two librarians.
'Narikantha' the newsletter of this Commission publishes six-monthy in bilingual.
The six-monthly report is also sent to the Hon'ble Governor, W.B., Ministers and officials of the Social Welfare and Women and Child Development Dept. Govt. of West Bengal.
The Publications of W.B.C.W. and some other organisations are sold through this library.


  • Library has got a computer of its own.
  • Space Problem has been solved. Now there is a spatious reading room where at least twelve readers may read at a time.
  • Due to regular Pest-control and antitermite treatment it becomes possible to preserve the documents well.
  • Many Bengali books were purchased from the Kolkata Book Eair 2012.

Library rules & regulation - at a glance

  • Library remains open from Monday to Friday from 11.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Reading hours - 12.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.
  • No entry-fee is required for using the library, what is required is to fill up an application form.
  • Lending facility is available only for the Staffs and members of this Commission, not for ourtsidc readers.
  • Xerox facility is available far the readers with a cost of Rs. 1.25/- per page.
  • To Purchase any publication of this Commission, it Is necessary to contact the two librarians.